Our Vision

One Community. One Association.

Dear Valued Business Partner,

‘Tis the season!  A season of cooler weather, traditions and gathering.  The ABA Leadership Team wishes well for you, your family and your business.  In 2018, Our President, Dave McClanahan encouraged us to “Show Up, Dive In, Stay At It.”  This theme translated well as our ABA circle expanded with like-minded business professionals like yourself contributing.  You continued, created and planned for economic growth and prosperity in our community.  This is exactly what makes Acworth and the Acworth Business Association the place to be for successful ventures.

The ABA continues to sail in the right direction!  We have expanded our circle of influence and are on our journey toward 400 Members.  Collectively we have contributed over $32,000 to community resources.

You may have heard this before, but it is never any less true.  You are still the most valuable piece of the puzzle.  Our business is YOUR business and we would love to hear from you.  Reach out to us through our events, our staff, our Ambassadors and Leadership Team.  None of us are as smart as all of us.

Let’s schedule for success together on our 2019 calendars.  We want to invite you to:

·        Connect and Share: at our monthly luncheons, Morning Jolts, Alive After 5’s and events every month.

·        Promote and Grow: with Presidential Sponsorship and package opportunities that include Taste of Acworth, our Love the Lake events and our Annual Golf Tournament.

·        Commit and Contribute: through our Member Spotlights, donations opportunities and Ambassador Program!

·        Show Appreciation: as an ABA Member, you will contribute greatly to our partnerships with schools, teachers, law enforcement, local government and support our community through countless Gifts of Love.


Jim Hilber
President, 2019

(L-R) 2018 President David McClanahan & 2019 President Jim Hilber

(L-R) 2018 President David McClanahan & 2019 President Jim Hilber